Managed Services

NetScope Plus is our managed services solution designed to monitor your network for symptoms that usually precede a crisis. Through early intervention, a crisis can be avoided, preventing expensive downtime and the resultant productivity loss, or worse. NetScope Plus gives you the opportunity to increase your IT performance and reliability without increasing your IT costs.

NetScope Plus never sleeps and monitors your network 24x7. This monitoring capability, through WMI and SNMP, can alert us to developing problems in your network and enables us to provide early intervention before you suffer.

Information Technology (IT) today requires increasingly sophisticated management tools and capabilities. The risks of employing someone who "knows a little bit" about computers and network management are increasing daily, as well as the cost of network failure or catastrophic data loss.

Many small and mid sized businesses are turning to Managed Services for enhanced network reliability. It is clear that the current break/fix service delivery model is becoming increasingly outmoded. Today, if something is broken, it is usually a crisis that affects your business and productivity.

Our Managed Services plans give you the flexibility to choose the one most suited to your business with any one of these plans, you don't just get a computer guy, you get a staff of highly trained technicians and engineers all with years of experience in repairs and network management.

Give us a call today to find out which one is right for your business.

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