We have built computer systems for years, beginning in 1994. We are very particular about the components we use in all of our Apex desktop systems and servers. Our selection of Intel motherboards and CPU's to Western Digital and Seagate hard drives in our Apex systems shows we're serious about quality and reliability.

We offer custom configurations for all of our desktop systems. Whether for home or business use, our focus is on performance and reliability, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

Our server line is available in either desktop or rack mount configuration. Our high end servers are built on an Intel chassis, available in either single or dual Xeon configurations. These servers can be custom configured to include dual power supplies, and any variety of data storage configurations.

For those who want the ultimate in reliability and business continuity, we offer failover server configurations, hosted either locally or remotely. The failover server constantly mirrors the data on the primary server and is capable of assuming the role of the primary server in the event of the failure of the primary server, this process happens so rapidly (milliseconds) that end users will not be aware of the change.

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